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Every two weeks, Jessie Healy (exited agency Founder, eCommerce coach) sits down with some of the biggest movers and shakers in the world of sustainable eCommerce. Hear how founders launched and grew their brands, plus get tips from the expert agencies and strategists who support them.

About Your Host Jessie

The $50 million I have spent on digital advertising for brands like Etsy, RealPlayer, Farfetch, Totter & Tumble and Candy Kittens has helped me crack the code to creating profitable ads and growth marketing strategies that convert.

I left brand-side marketing to launch Webtopia - an eComm growth agency now with a team of 40 being led by new CEO - Tristram Dyer.

Now I run an accelerator for 25 early-stage eComm brands. We teach growth marketing strategies to make them the next generation of iconic brands.


Let’s get down and dirty with your numbers - with finance maestro and founder DTC wealth

Jarrod Souza. Jarrod is here to shed light on how you should handle your finances - especially if you plan on an Exit.

Double your CRO with effective insights from Will Lawrenson

This week we are joined by Will Lawrenson, CEO of Customer Who Click! Startup marketer turned CRO specialist, Will, shares all the details on how to optimise your business for a better CRO.

Andrew Leahy founder of Seed Accel talks about all things investment!

Andrew was just 19 when he entered the ecom space and never looked back! Learn about how to attract the perfect investor for your brand!

Jordan West takes us through the secrets to his incredible success with TikTok shop!

Jordan is a multiple eComm brand owner, eComm agency owner all around e-Commerce growth expert and he has a tonne to share with us about how to grow your TikTok Shop

Ready to scale your eComm Store?

Established DTC Brand - Already at 7 Figures Per Year?

Webtopia offer e-commerce growth strategies, providing omni-channel growth strategy to supercharge results across Meta, Google and Email.

Not Quite At 7 Figures - But Ambitious to Grow?

Ecomm Rockets is an accelerator for early-stage eComm brands that provides growth marketing and optimisation strategies to make them the next generation of iconic brands.

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